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back stage

"all along this path we tread our hearts betray our weary head with nothing but music to save from cradle to the grave"-eric clapton

Site conceived, hosted and maintained by Arun Lakshmipathy

Credits and Courtesy: Band extends its courtesy to those record companies of the order: ARISTA, BGM, CAPITOL, COLUMBIA, ECHO, EMI, EPIC, PYRAMID, POLYGRAM, RELATIVITY, SONY, TIME, Teenstation and to VIRGINIA

Copyright and Disclaimer:

The chief aim of the band,which is not aware of any copyright violation, is to speak the common language of emotions-music accepted universally. This site has no commercial intentions but to spread the good word of sound created by those of the popular and those of the unsung. In short the band pleads with all the patrons to enjoy these compositions by purchasing authorized and authenticated CDs and Cassettes.